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Special Roll

Bagel Roll  7

Deep fried eel,cream cheese and avocado roll,topped w.masago,scallion,spicy mayo and eel sauce

Volcano Roll  7

Deep fried California roll,topped w.caviar,mayo and sweet chili sauce

Naruto Eel,Kani,Tuna or Salmon(No Rice)   8

One of one fish,avocado,wrapped in cucumber

Dragon Roll  8

Eel,cucumber,topped with avocado and masago

Oyster Roll  8

Fried oyster,kaiware,avocado,cucumber and masago,topped w.mayo and eel sauce

Rainbow Roll  8

Kani,cucumber and avocado,topped with white tuna,tuna,salmon,sea bass and tobiko

Godzilla Roll  8

Deep fried spicy tuna,avocado roll,topped w.scallion,tobiko,spicy mayo and eel sauce

Spider Roll  8

Fried soft shell crab,cucumber,kaiware and avocado,topped w.caviar and mayo

Sakura Roll  8

Spicy salmon and crunch,topped w.shrimp,avocado and chef’s special sauce

Six Flags Roll  8

Cook tempura roll,crab,shrimp,avocado inside top w.spicy tuna,salmon,yellowtail spicy sauce and eel sauce

Lobster Tail Tempura  8.5

Deep fried lobster,lettuce and avocado,topped w.wasabi tobiko and mayo

Emperor Roll  8.5

Black pepper tuna and asparagus,topped w.tuna,salmon,eel,avocado,masago and special sauce

Fantastic Roll  8.5

Spicy white tuna,kani and cream cheese,topped w.smoked salmon,avocado and wasabi mayo sauce

Seared Tuna Roll  8.5

Seared tuna,asparagus and caviar topped w.seared tuna,avocado,wasabi tobiko and wasabi sauce

Kiss of Death Roll  8.5

Spicy tuna and eel tempura,topped w.white tuna,jalapeno pepper,tobiko and special hot chili sauce

Ebi Ebi Roll   8.5

Shrimp tempura and cucumber,topped w.shrimp,avocado and eel sauce

Double Spicy Roll  8.5

Spicy California roll,topped with spicy tuna,kaiware and spicy sauce

Mango Roll   9

Alaskan king crab,avocado topped,tobiko and mango sauce

Golden Eye Roll  9

Tuna,salmon,avocado,cucumber and masago in green soy paper,w.chef’s special sauce

Spicy Girl Roll  9

Spicy salmon,spicy yellowtail and avocado,topped w.spicy tuna and crunch

Cowboy Roll  9

Spicy tuna,crunch and scallion,topped w.tuna,jalapeno pepper,hot sauce and spicy mayo

Ocean Roll   9

Salmon and avocado,topped tobiko,wasabi tobiko and ikura

Autumn Fairy Roll  9

Shrimp tempura and cucumber,topped w.kani salad,mix caviar and eel sauce

Super Dragon Roll  11

2 Shrimp tempura ,eel and cream cheese ,topped w.avocado,eel sauce and spicy mayo

Dancing Roll  10

Eel,tobiko,cucumber,topped with eel and avocado

Dragon Fly Roll  10

Eel,tobiko,cucumber,topped with eel avocado and caviar with eel sauce

Mango Lobster Roll  11

Lobster tempura,masago and cream cheese,topped,eel sauce and mango sauce

Fancy Eel Roll  10

Spicy tuna and crunch,topped w.broiled eel

Pink Lady Roll  10

Spicy salmon,shrimp tempura,avocado,cucumber and caviar in pink soy paper

Christmas Roll  10

Grilled salmon,onion,mayo,topped w.lobster salad and mix tobiko

Lovely Tuna Roll(No Rice)  11

Spicy tuna and avocado,wrapped in tuna,topped w.mix caviar and spicy sauce

Valentine Roll  10

Tuna,salmon,yellowtail,avocado and caviar in pink soy paper w.special sauce

Mango Hawaii Roll   10

Salmon,avocado inside top,caviar and eel sauce

Good Time Roll  11

Spicy crab meat,mango inside topped w.avocado,squid and chili sauce

Dancing Ocean Roll   11

Spicy lobster,eel and cucumber inside with eel,salmon and avocado on top

Crazy Friday Roll(w.Black Rice)   11

2 Shrimp tempura,lobster inside,top with avocado and black fish egg,spicy eel sauce

Magic Roll  11

Rock shrimp tempura inside topped w.lobster and chef’s special sauce

Angry Lobster Roll   11

Shrimp tempura,topped w.lobster salad,mix caviar and special sauce

Hayashi Roll  11

Tuna,salmon,yellowtail,topped with spicy king crab,avocado,tobiko & special sauce

White Castle Roll  11

Spicy kani,avocado and mango,inside topped with live scallop and chef’s special sauce

Tri Color Roll  12

Salmon,avocado,ginger special seaweed,tuna,yellowtail on top with yummy sauce

Lady Gaga Roll  14

Shrimp tempura,mango,asparagus inside top w.spicy tuna,avocado and black tobiko in chef special sauce

Fashion Roll   14

Tuna,salmon,yellowtail and avocado,topped w.lobster salad,tobiko gold leaves and special sauce

Scorpion King Roll  15

Soft shell crab roll combined w.super dragon roll

Regular Roll Or Hand Roll

Spicy Salmon Roll   6.25

Spicy Tuna Roll    6.25

Spicy Yellowtail Roll    6.95

Spicy Scallop Roll    6.25

Tuna or Salmon,Avocado Roll    5.5

Eel,Avocado or Cucumber Roll    6.5

Shrimp or Chicken Tempura Roll     6.5

California Roll    5.95

Sweet Potato Roll    5.95

Philadelphia Roll    6.5

Vegetable Roll    5.95

Alaska Roll    6.5

Salmon Skin Roll    5.99

Boston Roll    5.99